Cognistar® CLE gives you the expertise needed to keep your competitive edge.



o Current

o Content and regulation driven

o Convenient

o Affordable



With Cognistar you can

  • Customize your learning experience with the option of reading, listening, and/or watching course material.

  • Print out course materials for personal reference.

  • Satisfy CLE requirements in most jurisdictions that accredit online CLE.


Cognistar Legal CLE Benefits


o Take courses that work around your schedule. With Cognistar CLE, courses are segmented into 5-7 minute intervals which allows you to start and stop at any time.

o Track your course progress. Cognistar tracks what topics have been covered and what remains to be taken to complete each course.

o Live support for registration, enrollment, and certification.

o Supplementary auxiliary materials expand your learning - PowerPoint presentations, full text of court cases, relevant statutes and regulations, and links to online resources.

o Saves you time and money on travel expenses and purchasing course materials.



CLE Topics Include

o Business and Corporate Issues

o Contract Law

o Alternative Dispute Resolution

o Crisis Management

o Ethics and Professionalism

o Environmental Law

o Intellectual Property Law

o Labor and Employment Law

o Litigation

o Regulatory

o Tax Law

o Substance Abuse



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