Enjoy better balance, mobility and agility, and decrease fall risk with an exercise system that is engaging and measurable.

Most seniors are prescribed exercise by their health care professional (HCP) as part of their daily regimen. Sometimes a physical therapist (PT) or occupational therapist (OT) is involved, and often the sessions are limited to once or twice a week due to Medicare regulations, therefore progress may be minimal. It’s difficult for residents to maintain the regimen without a community exercise wellness system.

Measure Progress via the Create a Better You Online Dashboard

Create a Better You Senior Wellness System works to maximize residents’ wellness potential. It is designed to maintain residents’ compliance with their exercises by focusing on daily exercise, reporting results and assessing progress. Activities and results tracked by the online Dashboard may be viewed by the following:

  • Residents to track their individual progress over time,

  • Family, caregivers, HCPs and PT/OTs as designated by the resident,

  • Management at the facility to assess both individual success rates and group success rates for specific wings, age groups, diagnoses, or other categories of interest. Summary reports can be compared with fall and near-fall incident reports to track individual and over-all improvement.


Create a Better You Testimonials

“The residents are excited about their progress this month. They like seeing their results on the Dashboard. Three residents, who used either a cane or walker in previous assessments, walked independently. They were so excited to let me know they weren’t going to use assistance for the assessment! That is the part of the program we’re loving—OUR RESIDENTS ARE VERY PROUD OF THEIR PROGRESS and so am I!! A couple of the residents had over a minute for their balance, but that’s because they are just now able to independently stand from their wheelchairs and I had them hold onto the table until they felt unsteady and then they sat—what progress!”
Teresa J. Gregg, ADC
Director of Life Enrichment | Danbury Senior Living - Massillon

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 The Cycle of Success in Create a Better You


Monthly Assessments


Monitoring and Logging


Tailored Exercises

Dashboard Feedback


Create a Better You Exercises

Exercises are categorized as initial, moderate and advanced levels. Assessment results determine which exercises are appropriate and at what level. Residents earn LEAPS points for completion of exercises and for participating in activities within the senior living community. With assistance from a caregiver these points are entered in the Dashboard to track progress. Residents can earn awards (Create a Better You pins, ribbons, public recognition) for reaching major goals.

Residents may work individually and/or in a group. The camaraderie that comes from participation is contagious and encourages other residents to join.

The most valuable achievement for residents is to feel more confident, energetic and well.

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