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Dr. Deborah Kegelmeyer speaks about preventing falls at OHCA Annual Meeting

Being inactive or sedentary can lead to heart issues like high blood pressure. There is good news though, you can improve your heart health by doing activities like walking and doing the Create a Better You™ exercise program. Any activity that increases your heart rate or makes you breathe faster will help to improve your heart health by strengthening your heart muscle. Another benefit is improved circulation of your blood to your areas like your feet and brain. When you have good circulation, oxygen is able to get to all of your muscles and organs so they function properly. You will even sleep better! The biggest benefit of all is that you will have more energy. So get active and improve your heart health!

Dr. Kegelmeyer, consultant to Create a Better You, has over 30 year’s clinical experience and is Professor of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at The Ohio State University. She has worked in acute care, out-patient therapy and spent 10 years as director of physical therapy at a skilled nursing facility.

Her subject is:  We Can Reduce Falls and Improve Resident Well Being.