Create a Better You helps seniors with balance problems enjoy a higher quality of life with measurable staff-guided exercise. 

It is an evidence-based, technology-integrated system designed for senior living communities (SLCs) and their residents who have balance impairments and neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson disease.  Click here for a list of clinical studies supporting the research for Create a Better You.

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Enhances Resident Enrollment and Retention

Today’s seniors want a healthier lifestyle. They look for communities that offer a full spectrum of wellness opportunities. As they age, they know they will need greater assistance with their exercise to remain vital. Your community can assure them of wellness care as they age. This will not only attract seniors interested in wellness, but retain them for a lifetime.

Two Integrated Programs

We provide for the needs both of staff who require specific training to work with balance-challenged residents and residents who want exercise to be engaging and meaningful.  For staff, our continuing education program is Create a Better You Certified; for residents, it is Create a Better You Senior Wellness System.

For your staff

Create a Better You™ Certified provides an accredited set of CE courses focused specifically on resident balance issues and Parkinson disease.


For your residents

Create a Better You™ Senior Wellness System provides a continuum of activities that can lead to better balance and the willingness to stay engaged in exercise over time.


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Our Story

In 2011, NeuVanta founder and CEO Mark R. Luciano was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson disease at age 51.

Mark Luciano

Mark Luciano

Shortly after diagnosis, he began a diligent application of exercise sessions along with a limited pharmaceutical regimen. Positive results were quickly noticeable in Mark’s ability to manage symptoms effectively through exercise. Today he is still experiencing positive results, with minimal symptoms.

Dr. Deb Kegelmeyer

Dr. Deb Kegelmeyer

Convinced that people with Parkinson disease and older adults with balance issues could benefit from specific exercises, Mark decided to bring on-board an experienced adult education team. In 2015, Ann Boland, a 20+ year veteran in e-learning and Dr. Deb Kegelmeyer, internationally recognized for her research in movement disorders rehabilitation and Professor of Clinical Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at The Ohio State University, joined Mark.

Ann Boland

Ann Boland

They made several acquisitions of e-learning content and a learning management system from Mark’s former company, SmartPros. This helped financially and technically support NeuVanta as they developed a prototype product for Parkinson’s and older adult balance. In 2018, NeuVanta launched Create a Better You, a technology integrated exercise system to improve mobility, agility and balance. Those who participate in our Create a Better You system have a better quality of life with measurable improvement over their lifetimes.

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